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Householder Planning Permission
Construction of a single storey rear extension
Mr Abid Saleh
Mr Shaik Hussain (Stylish Interiors & Architecture)
189 Rainham Road North, Dagenham, Barking And Dagenham, RM10 7EH
Charlotte Codd
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I am supporting this application and responding to the above objection received on the 8-12/2021.

The Council’s Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for ‘Residential Extensions and Alterations’ states that the character of the existing dwelling should be respected when designing extensions and particular care should be taken to ensure that the extension is sympathetically designed with regards to form and detailing.
The proposed extension has been carefully designed to match the original house in regards external finish of the wall, the windows frame design and opening style, fascia boards, gutter and down pipe. Therefore the proposal is in complaint with the SPD.

The SPD also states that with respect to a single storey rear extension, if the house is terraced or semi-detached, the depth of a rear extension should not normally exceed 3.65 metres as measured from the original rear wall of the house to ensure that there is no material loss of daylight and outlook to neighbouring properties, while also not exceeding 3.0 metres in height where flat roofs are proposed, or 3.0 metres to the eaves and 4.0 metres to the highest point for pitched roof proposals.
This means that the proposed extension is proposing 0.35m more than what is generally allowed according to the SPD.

By virtue of its design the proposed development complies with and protects the local character while not leading to any significant overlooking or overshadowing issues affecting neighbouring properties due to the extra 0.35m. The proposed development complies with both Policy BP8 and BP11 of the Local Development Framework (LDF) Borough Wide Development Plan Document and with the Supplementary Planning Document for Residential Extensions and Alterations.
10-12-2021 16:18:48 N/A
I have object to the 4 meter rear extension for the following reasons:

45 degree rule:
This rule is designed to provide a fair balance between the wishes of the property owner who has applied to build and the right to light of people living in neighbouring properties by protecting the outlook from their rooms and guaranteeing daylight into them.
Having taken the measurement from my kitchen window which is directly next to the boundary my right to light would be breached should a 4 meter extension be built at 189 Rainham Road North.
My kitchen would be devoid of almost all natural light. A 4 meter extension is far too long not to have a detrimental effect on light entering neighbouring properties.

Size of extension:
Should a 4 metre extension be allowed this will be the largest extension of its type in the surrounding area. It will not be in keeping with the local area.
08-12-2021 12:35:09 N/A