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Prior Approval: Larger Home Extension
Prior notification application for the construction of a single storey rear extension: The proposed extension will extend beyond the rear wall by 6.0m, The maximum height of the proposed extension from the natural ground level is 3.2m, The height at eaves level of the proposed extension measured from the natural ground level is 2.9m
Prior Approval Refused
Mr Haider Karim
Mr Navdeep Chandi
5 Walnut Tree Road, Dagenham, RM8 3JB
Kathryn McAllister
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Decision Issued


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Dear Sir/Madam, We are the tenants at no.7 Walnut Tree Road and wish to make an objection to the proposed rear extension to our neighbouring property at no.5 However, we note with interest that the application has this time, been applied for under a different surname but by the same person applying??
We object to the proposed plan for the following reasons and points:
Two previous applications have been entered ie. 18/01715/Prior 6 and 18/02104 Prior 6 - both of which were refused. The two previous refusal reasons were stated under BP8 and BP 11 (loss of amenity to nearby premises in respect of daylight,sunlight,noise and disturbance. Just to re-iterate our concerns remain the same as the previous applications, which we presume you will have access to and we have further concerns as below:
The proposed rear extension will still deprive us of light to our sitting room. kitchen and also light to our patio area. We have a decking area to the back of our property (against the back of the house) and enjoy sitting out here as well as taking care of our garden. xxx, is of ill health (long covid causing extreme lung problems with exhaustion) and unfortunately, also suffers bouts of PTSD (British Army Veteran), who gets a lot of comfort and calm from the patio area and this is of great importance to us. We feel that the proposed extension will be overbearing. The first 3 metres of the proposed building will abut the boundary and right up to our decking area and therefore will create an atmosphere of being walled in and confined. We notice that the only entry/exit point to the rear of the house will be via patio doors abutting our boundary line - causing noise and disturbance as is so close. Further to this, the application states that the height to eaves are higher than the previous two declined applications. Though the new application plans show that the last 3 metres of the extension have been moved away from the boundary by 6 feet, we feel this will make little different from the light lost due to the natural direction of the light /sun to the rear of our house.
We hope you once again understand our reasons for objecting to the proposal and take them into consideration. Yours sincerely, 7 Walnut Tree Road. RM8 3JB
28-01-2021 20:25:49 N/A